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SMIL-Player Pro III/Wifi - MBR-1000

Choosing a reliable, easy-to-install media player is the first step in deploying a successful Digital Signage project. The SMIL-Player Pro III Wifi's design embraces that with its unique heat dissipation enclosure.


  • Small size, high performance
  • Easy to install, simple to use
  • Reliable

Suitable for

  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital welcome signs
  • Resort and hotel information boards
  • Shopping mall boards
  • Airport & station board

Small size, high performance

Despite its small size, there is no compromise in functionality and performance - stunning graphics and 1080p video playback, smooth ticker message speed, real­time weather reports, up-to-date news displays and much more. When a project’s budget is limited, SMIL-Player Pro III Wifi is the best-priced high performance media player.

Easy to install, simple to use

Keep the installation of digital signage simple with the SMIL-Player Pro III Wifi. This pocket-size player can be easily mounted or simply attached to a surface with Velcro behind any display. There is no need to install an OS or go through time-consuming system setups - the SMIL-Player Pro III Wifi is ready to use and comes with the free user-friendly SignApps Express to get the device displaying content in no time.


The SMIL-Player Pro III Wifi is a commercial grade product. lt is designed and stress tested to endure most commonly encountered mishaps such as power outages. The 5 dB wireless antenna gives the player the most reliable signal reception even behind screens or interfering environments. lt also has an Ethernet port built into its small body for a stable network connection.

Technical Specifications

Open Standards Supported

  • HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS
  • W3C SMIL for cross-platform management
  • W3C Widgets for HTML delivery
  • RTSP streaming with H.264 multi-casting
  • POPAI Digital Signage Content Standards, including:
  • S1 (JPEG 480p baseline)
  • S2 (JPEG 720p baseline)
  • S3 (JPEG 1080p baseline)
  • S4 (MPEG L2 audio)
  • S5 (MP3 audio, 384Kbps)
  • S6 (MPEG-1 SIF, 3Mbps CBR)
  • S7 (MPEG-1 480p, 10Mbps CBR)
  • S8 (MPEG-1 720p, 15Mbps CBR)
  • S9 (MPEG-2 480p, 6Mbps CBR)
  • S10 (MPEG-2 720p, 12Mbps CBR)
  • S11 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 480p, 6Mbps CBR)
  • S12 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 720p, 10Mbps CBR)
  • E1 (PNG 24bpp+alpha, 480p)
  • E2 (PNG 24bpp+alpha, 720p)
  • E3 (PNG 24bpp+alpha, 1080p)
  • E4 (VC-1/WMV9, MP@ML, 720p)
  • E5 (VC-1/WMV9, MP@HL, 1080p)
  • E6 (MPEG-2, 1080p, 20Mbps CBR)
  • E7 (MPEG-4 ASP, 480p, 10Mbps CBR)
  • E8 (MPEG-4 AVC, 1080p, 10Mbps CBR)

Digital Signage Features

  • Auto-play starts playing scheduled contents automatically when power is re-established
  • Automatic error recovery with built-in WDT.
  • Real-time clock with backup clock battery.

HTML5 Support

  • SmartWidgets™ for calendar, clock, news, weather, Twitter, and web page integration.
  • HTML5 technologies including CSS and Javascript
  • WebKit-based browser engine, same as Google Chrome™ and Apple Safari® browsers

Advanced Signage Features

  • Remote commissioning
  • AlwaysOn, Applock to prevent unauthorized access
  • Strong Cache for continued playback even when network is not available

Content Management

  • SignApp Express Utility
  • 3rd party solution (optional license)


  • Built-in Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • HDMI 1.4 x 1
  • Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T x 1
  • USB 2.0 High Speed host x 2
  • Optional 3G/4G mobile USB module
  • Micro USB for ADB

Mounting Options

  • Integral VESA MIS-D 100 compatible flange

Local Storage

  • 8 GB flash memory (approx. 360 minutes of typical 720p video @3 Mbps)
  • Micro SD card slot (capable to expand up to 32GB)

Supplied accessories

  • HDMI extension cord (male to female)
  • External 5dB Wi-Fi antenna
  • VESA mount plate

Expansion Options

  • 16GB/32GB micro SD/SDHC memory card

AC Adapter

  • Input: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 0.5A max.
  • Output: 5.35 V, 2 A
  • Interchangeable connector system includes US plugs (Option for EU, UK and AUS plugs)


  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40° C
  • Humidity 10 – 85% @ 40° C


  • 400,000 Power-On-Hours (POH

Dimensions (WxDxH)

  • 4.21” X 2.68” X 1”
    (107 mm X 68 mm X 25,3 mm)


  • 0.24 lbs. (108g)




  • 1-year limited parts & labor